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How To Use Crowdfire To Gain More Fans As A Musician

use crowdfire to promote music

Share your awesome music with the world

When your music is ready to be shared with the world, you will need some awesome strategies to share it the best way.
You want it to arrive right on the timeline of your best fans and they need to know what to expect.
So, you created some social media post on twitter, facebook or Instagram, and shared your song.
With almost no clicks and one like (thanks Aunt May 🙂 you feel a little empty inside…

Now what, this is not going to work.

Enter Crowdfire (insert bombastic entrance music here)
To know why you need Crowdfire, here are four things to know before you start.
What is it?
Why do I need it?
How do I use it?
Where can I get it!

What is it?

Crowdfire is an app that can be used on your phone and from within your desktop browser.
It enables you to grow your followers by connecting all your social pages and posting your, and other people’s content, to your timelines.
The awesome part is that you decide what you share, when, how often and on what social page.
It looks something like this:
If you optimize your posts (yes, you can adjust a single post into different formats for twitter/facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/LinkedIn) you will maximize your results.
Pro tip, the best average posting times for social media pages are
twitter – 15 tweets per day
facebook – 1 post per day
pinterest – 11 pins per day
instagram – 1 to 2 posts per day
LinkedIn – 1 post per day

Adjust to your liking, but these are a good start.

Why do I need it?

To get more fans of course! By sharing not only your content but also other content that will please your fans, you will gain a more engaged follower base.
Where do you get those followers? Crowdfire has the awesome option to see your followers, unfollowers, fans and inactive accounts. That way, you can optimize your follower base and keep it up to date as much as possible. You will get maximum results when posting any type of content the more consistent you will do this.
Any type of content? Well, to start off, this might be some trial and error, and Crowdfire will help you with that. It will give you the awesome option of filtering out a suggested post for your timeline.
After some time you will start to see a pattern of post that does well. Then you can enhance the filter and only get suggestions on topics that will suit your fans.

How do I use it
crowdfire share content

As the image above shows, you will see that you choose an article to post, from your own page or a suggested page, and insert it into the Crowdfire posting machine.
(let’s just call it that for now, it sounds pretty great)
From there on, you choose which social media account you want to post this on and what you want to add or remove from it.
Twitter, for example, needs fewer hashtags and text than facebook. On Facebook, you can add more text and even no hashtags, or Instagram where you can add more hashtags.
You decide and try what works best for every platform. Remember that respecting each platform for its features and making use of the features every platform brings you, makes the posting more powerful. Don’t post only text on Facebook or Instagram, and don’t use tons of hashtags on LinkedIn for example.
The other great tool is to see your followers and unfollowers. Like I said before, you want to keep your fans as engaged as possible, and if you have fans that don’t follow, they don’t engage.
The keyword feature makes it easy to find new fans that use a specific keyword, like #singersongwriter, #rocker, #metalhead or #disco fever (does that still exist?)
That way, you will have the opportunity to target your audience even more. You can get hashtag suggestions by checking your current followers and see what they use most in their posts.

List people..

crowdfire followers

Among other awesome features, the whitelist and blacklist option is super cool.
If you want to follow some high up twitter accounts, like brands or top musicians, chances are they won’t follow you back. If they do, jump ten feet in the air and be super happy, but they probably won’t. No, Ibanez is not going to follow you back, and neither is Taylor Swift…..uhm, yeah.
These accounts are perfect for the whitelist. they are stored in a different section and you will never see them in the list of non-followers again. Great!
It is the same with blacklisting followers on Twitter.
You know those accounts that keep following, unfollowing, following spamming your DM with “listen to my latest mixtape/buy SoundCloud followers now” and then unfollow again.
Blacklist them. No problem. To each its own, and if they find that the best way to market their product, it is their personal choice to do so. So it is your personal choice to blacklist them. 🙂
Enjoy your cleaner DM (Direct Message) section on Twitter.

Where do I get it?

The awesome thing about Crowdfire is that you can start for free, forever and see if you like the tools they give you.
If you like them, which I really think you will, you can buy a subscription and add even more social media accounts, remove a posting limit.
If you want to use Crowdfire with no limit, it is as low as 9,99 for the basic level. That is a steal if you think about the advantage it will give you by growing your follower base in a more stable fashion.
Oh, and did I mention that they have a mobile app too? You can do all of the things that you can do inline with Crowdfire and even more
They will message you when it is the best time to update your content, and when you should post on your Instagram timeline. instagram does not support auto-posting, but don’t worry, Crowdfire has got you covered. They will save the image and text, so you only have to paste it into your Instagram account. As easy as a couple of clicks.
So what are you waiting for! Get Crowdfire now and start growing your followers and fans:

As always, keep creating awesome music and share it with the world (using Crowdfire 🙂

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