The Tools I Use to create content

To create awesome content you need awesome tools. And although there are a lot of tools available, there are just a handfull that I like to work with.

Below you will find a list of tools for audio, video and software related products that I love to work with or have worked with.

These recommendations are my personal and you are free to check them out.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the links below are affiliate links, some are not. But I have tested and/or worked with all of them to create the content that I use on AniMouseMusic

Youtube/Video gear

Camera: Canon 600D - Although this camera is not new, it is easy to use, has a flip-out LCD screen so you can see how you are framed in the picture, and it creates high quality video. You can find one second hand on amazon for a decent price.

Camera Lens: Canon Kit lens 28-90 mm - The stock Canon lens which works in most setups. It has decent quality picture and works fine for home use.

Memory Card:

Microphone: Rode NTG-1 - To get the best sound for both guitar and vocal, the Rode is a good choice. It has a high dynamic range.

Portable Microphone: Tascam DR-40 - In most cases I use the Tascam as a pre-amp for my Rode microphone, but it records high quality audio fine by itself.

Music Gear

Electric Guitar: Peavy 7 string

Acoustic guitar 1:


Amp: Digitech 2112

Compressor/Limiter: DAP Audio GCL-2

Mixer: Behringer UltraLink Pro

Headphones: Senheiser HD-202

Software for Video/Audio/Images

Podcast/Basic audio edits: Audacity

Music creation: Logic Pro X

Video Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom

Website/Mail tools

Email Campaigns: Aweber

Websitehost/Domain: Siteground