3 things you might be doing wrong on spotify1 min read

the wrong way to promote on spotify

Successful on Spotify…

Is Spotify working for me? Are you getting the results that you expect?
After you have uploaded your song (for free with RouteNote, for example), you have waited for weeks and are getting no results.
What can it be? Are you doing something wrong?

Who knows…

As an artist on Spotify, you want to be found. But for that, you need to be known.
Do people know you and do they also know what music you make?
Sure, making great music takes a lot of time and work. But it is only a small part if you also want to make money with your music.

Let’s double check your strategy…

In this great article on cdbaby.com, you will learn the 3 mistakes you might be making right now.
If you are not making these mistakes, go you! But it can’t hurt to double check and see if you can improve a thing or 2 (or 3 :).

You will read the 3 major problems that could cause you being unsuccessful on Spotify. Check it out this great article on DiyMusician from cdbaby.com and see what you can change.

Even as streaming becomes the dominant means of accessing music, the streaming world can still feel like a new frontier to many musicians — and how you get your music noticed on platforms […]

Click here to view the original web page at diymusician.cdbaby.com

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