The basics of an overdrive effect – A quick explanation1 min read

basics of an overdrive effect

Put your pedal to the metal

There are many pedals that you can add to your arsenal, but the overdrive pedal is probably the most used pedal out there.
Overdrive effects will add more color and texture to your tone than a clean boost would, but less color than you’d get with a dedicated distortion pedal, which tends to further distort, compress, and saturate your tone. Also, a clean boost does not add any distortion to the sound (it just  “pushes the preamp more to drive) but an overdrive adds a little bit of grit to the overall sound.
So, if you know the basics of an overdrive pedal, you know exactly how to use it and when.

From a smooth amp breakup sound to flat out distortion, the possibilities are endless. But what makes an overdrive pedal so special? Check out this awesome article on to learn all about it.

Overdrive effects allow players to simulate what it sounds like when you drive a tube amp so hard that it distorts your clean guitar signal. Overdrives can be seen as a step above a clean boost pedal, which is just meant to beef up your signal without modifying it. […]

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